Rental vintage cars in Tuscany


A journey that stimulates the senses and makes you live unexpected emotions: a few hours, one or more days, a week in Tuscany, to live a dream of other times, in which the ``slow`` philosophy joins the myth of the engines for an experience one in a kind


Classic Drives has a car suitable for any style of marriage and ceremony. They are available with delivery and pick up directly at the event venue, substitutive car and with customized prices according to customer needs


We help small and micro businesses to increase their turnover with an innovative method and exciting results: thanks to specialists in the sector, we offer an emotional training on board a classic car


Open the door, get on board of your classic car, stroke the steering wheel, turn the key and get ready to cross, like a journey back in time, centuries of history, culture, art, traditions, landscapes and gastronomy.


Classic Drives has the right idea: put a classic car under the tree this year! A journey of the vintage on board a beautiful convertible spider is the perfect gift.


Some proposals for itineraries in Tuscany for half a day, one or more days aboard a classic car. Ideas for those who want to visit historic cities, for those looking for taste, for those who prefer relaxation or those traveling with children


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